Do you offer gift wrapping? 

Yes! My packaging is ECO-friendly and so is my gift wrapping. If you leave a note at the checkout your package will arrive gift wrapped in a recycled brown kraft paper with lavender springs in a jute string bow.


Do you combine shipping?

We combine shipping for multiple purchases. Shipping fees are on a flat basis – a one-time fee is applied regardless of the number or weight. If you have any issue with the shipping costs, message me and I will gladly refund you.


What materials do you use?

I use a wide range of materials. I try to be very especific in each jewellery description. The wire I work is mostly copper plated or enameled and the earrings findings (the bits that go into your ears) come in a wide range such as gold filled/plated, silver plated/filled, sterling silver, brass, zamac, surgical stainless steel...
All my items are cadmium, lead and nickel free (unless stated otherwise) meaning that it's very unlikely to give you an allergic reaction (I do not guarantee though!!!)

How do I clean my jewellery?

Please be aware that your jewellery can change colour (tarnish) especially if the care instructions are not followed. Most of times, a super soft brush and a jewellery polish cloth can bring the shine back to your piece. Keep in mind to be extra careful with your plated pieces because once the plated layer is gone the copper underneath will be exposed, changing permanently the colour of your item.